Organic Henna vs Chemical Henna
September 23, 2016
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A Journey of Organic Henna with Kishore Parihar.

Hi All, I am Kishore Parihar. The post  is all about our Journey with Organic Henna powder. We are 4th generation in Henna powder Manufacturing located in Sojat city. In Early 19 Henna powder was only chemical free products exists in market to make temporary tattoos and use for Hair care or color hair henna powder was also use as medicine for those people who got Burn from fire as henna has cool based.

NMP Udhyog is still follows the old way to produce henna leaves and henna powder manufacture.

To grow henna leaves it really important to understand the atmosphere. As in early 19 in most of Rajasthan-State in India was faced big issue with water availability. Continuously 10 years there was no rain in Pali – Sojat City (Today is hub of Henna Powder manufacture and Henna Powder supplier). Most of farmer ware leaving village due to can’t feed the family members, As no rain no food to feed. But the land of farmer becomes absolute please to grow henna.

To grow henna, we need Minimum temperature 35 oC to 50 oC. The humidity needed Minimum 43% to 67% in continuously 8 month to 10 months. Then Henna leaves start with process of lawsonia inermis. It also important to understand the How old are the henna plant is? There are 4 stage of Henna plant. The color outcome depends on the stage of henna plant.

From 1 year to 3 Years old Henna plant called Unmature can’t give consistency lawsonia inermis % less then %0.8 to %1.2.

From 4 year to 8 Years old Henna plant called mature can give consistency lawsonia inermis % less then %1.2 to %1.8.

From 8 year to 15 Years old Henna plant called good can give consistency lawsonia inermis %2.2 to %2.8.

From 15 year to 35 Years old Henna plant called excellent quality can give consistency lawsonia inermis%3.2 to %4.5 which also depends on rain (Rain should not high or low, Rain should be medium).

NMP Udhyog has its own land which has 15 years to 35 Years old Henna plant. Which give the excellent and high lawsonia. At NMP Udhyog we offer excellent quality henna for hair and body art. Our excellent quality henna have set a bench mark in Henna powder manufacture.

Note: The lawsonia inermis is all about the color stay on hair and color outcome on hair. In case you apply for body art. Then in that case henna will give color till after 2 days. So the actual come will come in 2 days one you wash your hand. The NMP Udhyog excellent quality henna for hair never leave once you wash. Then take again wash and clean your with any cloth you will not see any color on your hair.

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