Traditional Way Of Making Your Skin And Hair Healthy

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September 23, 2016
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September 23, 2016
Young woman with hand in hair

Young woman with hand in hair

Everyone wants to make their physical body in the best style so they try different techniques and it will make them to have confidence in life. We also need to be careful in artificial treatments because it may cause more side effects. It is necessary to go for the natural way of beauty without any side effects in the body.

Henna is one of the best options for the skin to glow in the natural way as it is the flowering plant from which the dye is prepared from plant. This is the best natural way of temporary tattooing and it is also called as the Mehndi in some countries. This Henna is made into paste and they are used for dye in the skin, fingernails and hair. There are also many fabrics made from the Henna plant like silk, leather and wool.

Henna For Skin

The henna leaves are broken and they are made into paste for the skin and it will not cause stain in the skin and the lawsone molecules are made in the skin and it can be made in many designs. The henna leaf lawsone will also gradually make an outer layer in the skin and it also binds the protein in the skin creating the fast stain in it. The henna supplies are also made into dry powders and they are mixed with the liquid like water, strong tea, lemon juice or in other ingredients in the exact amount so that the paste can be applied in the skin for making the skin to be healthy.

This method is traditionally used in many countries and it does not have any side effects in the skin as it will not cause rashes or skin problems as in the artificial paste. Some of the artist also uses the molasses or sugar along with the paste for improving its consistency so that it will stick in the skin for a better way of improving the design in the skin. The henna paste mix will also rest for more than 48 hours and it releases lawsone from leaf matters.

Henna For Hair

Henna is also used traditionally for making the healthy hair and for coloring. the dried henna leaf powder is mixed with the mild acid like the orange juice, vinegar or lemon juice and they are applied in the hair for making it grow in the extensive manner, it also makes the hair to be straightened when the henna paste is mixed with the boiled water and it has to be applied immediately in the hair for the permanently dyed.

People dye their hair in different colors and it will be efficient for making themselves look in the best stylish manner. The black henna for hair will be a good option for the old people who have the grey or while hair because it will give the best effect in the natural way. Buying the Henna in the online shop will also give the best option for saving money for the purchase.

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