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Henna color has made huge impact in recent years due to having pure ingredient and no chemical and that’s the reason more and more brands on market completely rely on Henna. Henna Powder at NMP Udhyog has been specially developed for professional eyebrow specialist. Many of us doesn’t know how to do eyebrow tinting so here is a complete guide that will tell you about the product and the correct step on how to do eyebrow tinting properly and in a correct way.

What is Brow Henna?

Brow Henna is an Indian Henna product. Different color pigments were added to give henna a beautiful light to dark brown color. Applying pure Henna on eyebrow or hair will give you reddish print on the skin. In addition, adding color pigments in Henna ensure that henna draws more quickly into the skin, so that you don’t need to wait for hours, as is the case with pure Henna.

How Long Brow Henna Visible?

Nobody knows the actual time, but Henna stains for almost five to fourteen days. Several number of factors decide exactly how long will this remain on skin. More often it is seen that the result usually gets disappear faster on oily skin, just like makeup. But if you are using lots of cleansing product then also the effect will fades earlier, that’s a reason as a eyebrow specialist, you should never make any promises, instead of that let your customer know that it totally depend on the experience of her first time.

A Henna Brow Guide

1. Patch Test

Before applying Henna on eyebrow, it’s really important to do a patch test as some people can be allergic to eyebrow henna. For doing a patch test, put a speck of henna on her arm, let it stay on her arm and after 15 minute remove it. If customer does not have allergic reaction within 48 hours, Ibrow Henna Powder can be use carelessly next time.

2. Shaping First

With natural Brow Henna, one can create super-tight brows. To do so, thread or wax brows first. A spatula is used to apply this golden wax and without using strips, you can remove wax easily when it gets hardened. By doing this, you can give a proper shape to your eyebrows.

3. Choose the Color

Brow Henna is available in various shades, from blond to dark brown so before applying any color choose the most appropriate color that suits you because it is really hard to determine in advance that how colour will develop when different pigments get mixed with it. It’s always advice not to use dark color for the first time, instead of that you can use Tint Remover to soften the color. Applying appropriate color will give you best result.

4. Cleanse the Skin

Cleaning the eyebrow with cotton pad with Supercilium Botanical Cleanser will make the henna stay long on the skin.

5. Apply Brow Henna

After cleaning the skin, apply the henna with angled brush. Punch and press henna into a skin until it completely stay on the skin. Start with the last part of eyebrows and move forward. Make sure that whole skin must get covered.

6 Develop Time

Everything needs time and thus the best result for eyebrow can also be extracted when it is retracts for atleast 20 minutes. The longer the paint absorbs, the deeper it penetrates into the skin and it lasts for longer period of time.

7. Remove Brow Henna

Once it completely gets dry, then after 30 minutes, you can remove Brow henna seeing a beautiful Henna layer on Skin.

If you want to know more about different Henna Powder or other items of Henna, then feel free to sign up at NMP Udhyog.

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