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April 13, 2018
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April 13, 2018
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Organic Henna for Hair

  • Organic Henna , Help to keep hair glossy and soft.
  • fragrant and shiny .
  • healthy hair .

We are the chief Henna Powder Manufacturers, Exporter and Suppliers in India.


Organic Henna is one of the best natural products you can use on your hair. Henna, applied to the hair is a wonderful way to create a subtle color change while avoiding damaging your hair. Organic henna contributes to healthier hair & scalp, protects from sun damage plus thickens the hair as well. It helps in preventing premature graying of hair. This is processed by using premium quality henna leaves and other natural ingredients to ensure efficacy and skin friendly finish.

Tips for best color:

  • Make sure you use the real red henna leaf powder. Many henna hair dyes are sold that contain synthetic chemicals and metallic salts. If the product talks about other colors, it’s not pure henna.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo before applying henna to help remove any product buildup on the hair strands.
  • If well-applied, your henna color will last for up to a few months with gradual fading. This will depend on how dark your hair is to start with and how long you leave the henna in your hair.
  • Gray, blond and light brown hair will show color more easily than dark hair. If you have very light hair you may want to test a strand first or leave the henna on for no more than 30 minutes your first time.
  • Warmth helps activate the henna, so you may want to sit in a warm spot (outdoors in the sun in the summertime, for example).
  • Other possible addition: raw egg for added conditioning.

    Uses of henna with benefits

    1. Henna as a natural hair color and covering greys

    2. Henna to control dandruff and scalp itchiness

    3. Henna for deep conditioning hair

    4. Henna for damaged hair with splits ends

    5. Henna remedy for hair growth and reducing hair fall


Weight 100 Gm to 5 KG kg



3-15 Days – depending on the method of transportation used.



We can provide you any kind of packing, as per your requirement. You may have Bulk HDPE Sack Packing in 25/50 kilograms size (with LDPE Liner inside), or you may have Retail Pouch Packing (Double Layer Packing: Vacuum sealed LDPE Pouch + Aluminium Foil Pouch) in 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 or 1000 grams size.

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